Ho Ho Ho

13.12.2018 21:15

You know at this time of year I would love to say I can't wait for Xmas. But with the winter blues and the rampant commercialisation of that prescious thing...the family, I'm looking for flights out of here!

But fear not I'm still here to bring you our last issue of ICEONLINE of 2018.

As you may know our mantra this year has been creativity. Not only in events but across all its potential applications which, let's face it, is absolutely everything. And carrying on with that this month we've included two more stories about the Bauhaus. Because now and again something comes along which has a profound effect on the world, in this case bringing together objectivity and creativity to deliver ground breaking outcomes. Something corporate event profs endeavour to harness day after day.

Of course now and again other things come along with less succesful outcomes but don't get me started on Trump!

Also in this issue we have stories on productivity from some top bosses, My Story from VP of Global Events for Equinix Lisa Hempel talking to Daniel Halpin and a fantastic stocking filler from our ICETALK speaker Scott Morrison.

Anyway, I know you are up to your eyes as the phantom Xmas deadline looms so I will wish you a great seasonal time and see you in 2019. By the way 2018 was the fastest year since records began!

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