Case Study: Winner of the Best CSR Event at the 2017 ICE Awards

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19.03.2018 15:12

For over 300 years, Barclays has been working to build a better tomorrow for everyone. They have been the headline sponsor of Pride in London for three consecutive years and this year they created the #nofilter campaign which was about encouraging people to live with no filter 365 days of the year.

Best CRS EVENT - sponsored by Gallowglass
Pride in london, barclays

The Winning Idea Barclays complimented the sponsorship activation of the Pride of London Parade by inviting some of the brightest minds in the LGBT community to explore what life with #nofilter means to them in a series of three thought leadership events for colleagues, customers and clients. #nofilter is all about encouraging people to live their lives as themselves, standing proud and celebrating authenticity around the world. In addition to this, for the first time in history, the colours were changed on the Barclays logo to demonstrate their commitment to the sponsorship.

Colleague Event Colleagues were invited to discuss the importance of leading a life with #nofilter and how living a genuine life can lead to positive wellbeing. The event was held on the same day as IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia). Amy Stanning, Co-Chair of the Spectrum Network and their partner at the Albert Kennedy Trust took part in a panel discussion which highlighted how important it is for people to be able to liv life with #nofilter. An internal communications campaign also reinforced this message to colleagues globally.

Client Event Clients were invited to a breakfast meeting where Barclays colleagues and external speakers took part in a panel discussion. Speakers discussed how living a life with #nofilter has helped them to achieve their ambitions at work and how encouraging others to live a life with #nofilter has led to positive cultural change.

Customer Event Gareth Thomas, the former Welsh Professional Rugby player shared his experiences and his inspiring story about living life with #nofilter. He was joined by a group of Barclays colleagues and a representative from Pride.

Parade Day Barclays led the Pride of London Parade where over 1 million people lined the route to cheer on 30,000 parade participants. The day started with a brunch hosted by Spectrum (an internal network which is open to all colleagues who are interested in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community). Over 300 colleagues, friends and families were kitted out with the Barclays rainbow logo kit where they walked the parade, led by the iconic Barclays blue routemaster bus. Barclays colleagues were also joined on the day by LGBT vlogger Gary C who was on hand to capture the action.

The Results Being the headline sponsor of Pride in London provided Barclays with the opportunity to re-affirm publicity their commitment to diversity and inclusion and highlight their commitment as a key player, supporting LGBT rights and allowing them to engage with and support colleagues.

Demand witnessed from those wishing to take part in the activity was 3x higher than the spaces available. The branding was very clear with over half of the attendees being able to spontaneously name Barclays as a sponsor. Additionally, 80% of participants were positive towards sponsors of Pride in London and feel that their involvement made the event bigger and better. The three thought leadership events were also very well received and everyone involved said they enjoyed the events. Social media channels were also used to maximise impact and performance and the activity was picked up in The Guardian, The Evening Standard and BBC News.

The Judges Comments

We judges were impressed by the diversity of activities and how each part of their initiative gelled together to create a much greater sum than the parts.With a global brand there is the danger of overwhelming the message of your sponsored event. However in this case this collection of events combined to deliver a powerful allegiance and brand synergy with the sponsored initiative.

The events team worked on a clear strategy to engage with and support colleagues, as well as drive greater customer engagement. Their tactical mix of strong brand alignment, physical activities and social media ensured that the organisation’s position and attitude towards LGBT issues was clearly stated.Clever recruitment of spokespeople on LGBT issues helped to position the organisation’s committed support and leadership in this community. For the first year this event has been brought in house and the team were able to demonstrate large budget savings, which were redirected into the activities menu.

The award entry itself was exceptionally well structured and built the scene perfectly.


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