It's brand new and all about you!

16.12.2019 17:31

Hello again
That time of year. Dark mornings and dark nights...not my time of year, I'm Leo and the Sun is my best friend. But for many this time of year is their favourite with bracing walks, roaring fires and sharing food and drink around a festive table.

Sharing! (I know tenuous, lazy writing but I'm going with it anyway).

This issue is the first of our new format where we will be focussing on each other to share stories, experiences, ideas and feelings.

So, what do we have now?

MY STORY We're retaining one of our most popular sections where we interview peers and mentors to discover what gets them out of bed and skipping all the way to their next event.

CASE STUDIES Sharing more analysis of our ICEAWARD entrants and winners.

MY MUSIC Listen to event profs sharing their music memories from their previous events. Please! Not 'We are the Champions' again!

DIRECTORY Our comprehensive reference platform for ICE Mentors, Agencies and Suppliers sharing their offerings.

ICEINSIGHTS Study the outcomes of our first benchmark research where Corporate Event Planners share the state of play across the industry.

WATCH Watch and listen as all sorts of Event Practitioners give you 30 seconds of what's on their mind and other stuff.

EVENTS What's moving and shaking across the world.

HOW TO Our collection of guidance and opinions on event techniques and methods.

MEDIA Stories from all over the place talking about ICE and our Community.

PAIR OF SHOES The ICE 101 ideas on how to improve your delegates' carbon footprint.

Whadyathink? Take a look/read/watch and let us know what's good and what's not.