Get your Event Storytelling playbook

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27.11.2019 14:39

LAS VEGAS – June 6, 2019 – GES, a global full-service provider for live events, partnered with EventMB Studio on the Event Storytelling Playbook. The report provides insights for event planners, exhibitors and general marketers on getting more business by leveraging the power of stories.

 The Storytelling Playbook examines

  • What are stories and why do they work?
  • Understand how a story-based event is an immersive, persuasive experience
  • Why does storytelling matter?
  • Gain insight into how storytelling is content marketing applied to your attendee experience
  • How to tell a good story
  • Discover four tips to make sure your story resonates
  • A business case for storytelling
  • Learn a six-point plan for resonating with your audience
  • Lessons in storytelling from Hollywood and Madison Avenue
  • Explore techniques used by Hollywood and Madison Avenue to make your stories more powerful


Storytelling is the secret weapon to having more engaged attendees and eventually more successful experiences and activations. To learn more, download your copy of the Event Storytelling Playbook, here. In addition, Event professionals can earn one CE Credit from the Event Storytelling Playbook. EventMB is a CMP Preferred Provider accredited by the Events Industry Council.