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22.05.2019 19:05

At our last ICETALK our topic was communication and storytelling. We heard from Raul Aparici from The School of Life on how we evolve and develop through storytelling and consequently how important communication is in that environment. What particularly grabbed my attention was the importance of listening. Not just nodding an affirmative nod now and again but actually disciplining yourself to give the person you are conversing with your full 100% attention. Ive tried it since and it's amazing how much more you take away from your conversation and how much more efficient you are with the information you come away with.

Here are the five stages of listening.

ME NOW. You completely disregard the other person

JUST LIKE ME. You offer your own approach to a problem

TELLING. You instruct

ENCOURAGING. You encourage the person to tell you more

ACTIVE LISTENING. You show real curiosity and encourage the person to share more about how they see their situation without interupting, and invite them to suggest ideas. If you would like to offer an opinion you first ask permission

The School of Life have a storytelling discussion entitled Life Lessons with Elif Shafak: In Conversation with Tanya Byron being held at their London Emmanuel Centre on Thu 4th Jul 2019 (19.00). Find out more here.

And in Events?

GES has teamed up with EVENTMB to produce  a report  specifically on storytelling for events.

Storytelling is a popular topic that has increasingly become essential for marketing success, but how does it apply to the live event experience for attendees? To the exhibitor and their visitors? The conference and their delegates?

You may have heard that storytelling is a great way to bring your event marketing and experience-making to the next level, but knowing what that means for your brand and how to apply it is a different story.

Storytelling is, above all, about conveying information by crafting a human experience. It’s all about the audience, and an engaged audience means a successful experience.

This report will take a deep dive into the power of storytelling as a content marketing asset, a learning tool for attendees, and a way to channel the attendee experience.

Whether you’re an event planner, exhibitor or general marketer, this report will guide you through the steps necessary to get more business by leveraging the power of stories.

You can access this free report here

Why not join John Sanders' webinar  "The Power of Event Storytelling". Wednesday 30th May @3.00pm UK time (10.00am EST) Register here

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