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25.09.2018 13:10

A beautiful blend of a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, commitment, trust and respect helps this tight knit group of 5 deliver the best event experience possible to the Herbalife Nutrition  EMEA members.

best in House Team


Herbalife Nutrition events team

The Team Herbalife Nutrition EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) events team specialise in creating the most memorable events, ensuring they stick within tight budgets, always creating something new and exciting. They are committed to the attendee experience, always leaving their members wanting more.

The culture of the team; as cheesy as it sounds is, work hard - play hard. Each team member brings something unique, in terms of experience, skills and personality. This allows for the perfect mix of creativity, analytical thinking, problem solving and passion, all driving the innovation behind the most recent events.

Hannah Spicer, Senior Director of EMEA Events, has worked within the company for over 15 years and worked within 60 different countries. She is responsible for the strategic planning of all EMEA Events and Vacations.

Nikkola Longbotham, Senior Manager of EMEA Events, has been with Herbalife for 5 years and has 12 years International Event Management experience. She is the lead negotiator for rates and contract terms with suppliers, liaising on a daily basis with Legal, Finance & Insurance teams.

Megan Phillips, Event Manager of EMEA Events, has served 7 years within the company, working her way up from member services. She manages the day to day Event logistics for all EMEA Events and Vacations.

Adam Wagstaff, Senior Event Coordinator of EMEA Events, has only been with the company for 4 months. He is client-driven and results-oriented with over 8 years of industry experience within a wide variety of sectors. He also manages the day to day Event logistics for the EMEA Vacations.

Natasha Lowman, Event Coordinator of EMEA Events, also new to the team, fresh out of uni with 3 years’ experience in the industry. She often comes up with new creative initiatives and event tech solutions.

Winning Qualities The team has a positive, ‘can do’ approach to every task they manage – no matter how large, how complicated, how challenging – they have incredible trust in each other and this makes the impossible happen. It’s a tight knit group of people with the utmost respect for one another who are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that the Events are a success and that Members always have the best possible Event experience.

Over the coming years, budgets have tightened and yet the output from the team continues to be second to none. They’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the events and drive sales. The team strives to work directly with suppliers (as opposed to engaging a DMC or Event Management Company) and as such, is hands on throughout the entire project, from conception through to completion.

Winning ‘Teamwork’
Mauritius Star Experience
- What should have been a straight-forward VIP day out in Mauritius as a reward for 60 high achievers resulted in huge challenges for the team to make this a special and successful event.

The planned event of taking a catamaran to a private island for a BBQ lunch, snorkelling and a waterfall visit presented its challenges on the day. There was unscheduled roadworks, rain (the worst rain the island had seen in years!), what should have been a private beach was a public beach and the quality of the food was dreadful. Guests were not happy.  

In such a short space of time, the team worked together seamlessly from across the island; even with the language barrier to salvage the VIP event and turn it into special ‘Stars under the Stars’ event with a marquee by the beach, a fire pit, dancers and buffet.  Guests were amazed and over the moon that the team quickly pulled together and delivered a special and memorable event.

Extravaganza - Herbalife Nutrition’s annual Flagship Event for 16,000 attendees offers all of 53 markets in EMEA the opportunity to come together for training and recognition over the course of a weekend. It is carefully designed to inspire and motivate the Members and to launch and educate on new products.

The sheer size and magnitude of the event creates logistical problems – sourcing a venue for 16,000 coming from across all of EMEA can prove very difficult and therefore teamwork is crucial in ensuring a successful event.

One of the key considerations is designing an event that engages and delights attendees. The team strive to keep on top of new innovations in production technology, registration technology and innovative delivery techniques to ensure that each Event isn’t just a replica of the previous year, but an Event which reputation continues to inspire and drive the audience to the next step in growing their business.

With the increased security awareness in large cities in Europe – the team are incredibly aware of how the Event is quite different to others and together with the in house security team, they spend many hours working with stakeholders to ensure that water tight plans are approved and an ‘Incident Management Team’ is set up for any issues on site. With 16,000+ guests from over 53 countries – the security of the Event is number 1 priority.  The event is primarily managed by a team of 5 with the passion and dedication to make anything possible.

Great Teamwork
Herbalife Extravaganza 2017 – Qualifier Party ‘The Enchanted Garden- This event, held in Madrid, was to reward and recognise Members for their hard work and dedication throughout the qualification period.

Just 2 weeks before the Event, the team were advised that attendee numbers for the Party had increased from 2,500 to 4,500 delegates. The capacity of the original party venue could not accommodate the increase, and from a security perspective, as well as a logistical one, it was not possible to provide coach transfers for 4,500 delegates, from one central point in the Madrid.

With both time and options limited, the team had to start planning a new Qualifier Party and still deliver a quality experience.

The venue were unable to accommodate the increase in numbers and an alternative venue was needed. The only venue in the city able to accommodate these numbers was the Arena, which was being used for the main training event on that day. The training schedule was set to finish at 5pm on the evening, which allowed just 3 hours to turn around the venue for the relocated Party.

Several elements had to be considered in order to successfully move the Party to its new location such as new floor plans, revised security plans, theming and décor, catering for 4,500 people, re-brief the transportation company, managing the ‘changeover’ of the main arena from a training set-up to a ‘party’ set up and finally, draft communications to the 4,500 attendees to advise of the change of location. The team worked incredibly well together to ensure that this party would take place and would be a success.

Due to the amount of nationalities in attendance communication had to be cascaded to the regional sales offices to translate and distribute to all Qualifiers, alerting them to the change of venue and security requirements.

Doors opened, as planned, at 8pm and guests flowed into the Arena for their ‘Party of the Year’ – they interacted with the concourse entertainment, there were no lines at the buffet stations and the live band performed on the main stage with guests dancing and enjoying the evening.

Everyone was aware of the magnitude of the project and the work involved. All parties embraced the challenge and pulled together to make the impossible happen. It serves to prove that when a team works together and has the right attitude, respect for their suppliers and calm heads, anything is possible!

Judges Comments The winning team have clearly demonstrated that they are an extraordinary team founded on mutual respect and a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude. Each team member brings unique experience, skills and personality to the team which allows for the perfect mix of creativity, analytical thinking, problem solving and passion, all driving the innovation and accuracy to their events. 

Their submission showed that they were deeply committed to working as a team to achieve exceptional experiences for their members. They are a small team, and the quality, volume and scale of events and experiences they create could only be achieved by working as a very tight knit group. 

The culture of the organisation fosters teamwork at its core through its mentoring programme, cross-functional working and integrated social programme.  This was a stand-out submission and the team are worthy winners.


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