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06.08.2019 23:30

EACH YEAR, RBS LAUNCH A SET OF GOALS CALLED THE ‘BIG 5’ TO ALL PERSONAL BANKING COLLEAGUES. instead of focusing on business deliverables, THEY FOCUSSED ON WHAT THEIR customers want; helping the Bank to achieve its 2020 vision of becoming the number 1 bank for customer trust, service and advocacy.

Logistical Challenge of the Year

SPONSOR:  Hawthorn

WINNER:  Royal Bank of Scotland

EVENT:  Customer 19

LOCATION:  Multiple locations in UK, Ireland and India

The Objectives
To help Personal Banking (PB) colleagues deepen their understanding of the PB 'Big 5’ strategy and their part in it, as well as to fuel their motivation to contribute to them and help accelerate delivery.

To excite and engage a broader audience in the transformation to become an experience-led and digital first bank, and the things Royal Bank of Scotland are doing to make banking effortless everyday and brilliant when it matters. 

The Challenges
This brief was received in the week leading up to the Christmas break, an eleven week lead in time without factoring in the team and suppliers being off over the festive period. Mid January (seven week lead in time), the brief changed in reaction to a budget challenge for the year, and the team had to reach the same audience, but using internal venues only. 

The Event
The original brief had been to link up colleagues using six external venues across the country, reaching a large audience (over 1000 people) for a half day event with either an awards dinner the night before or to be followed by an awards lunch however, due to the cost challenge, they removed the awards element of the event.

The internal event space was limited with low capacity and in high demand so they had to think outside the box about useable internal spaces. The team agreed that ‘open’ event spaces were acceptable as the nature of the content was positive in terms of the customer focused themes.

They secured venues utilising the limited available internal space and by leveraging partnerships with their in-house entrepreneur hubs across the UK, each of which has event space, and the partnership with Rocket Space, a hub for technical startups and corporate innovators who rent several floors in an RBS building including event spaces. 

The event was planned for the morning, UK time, to allow colleagues in India to join and for branch staff to be able to watch the CEO’s opening address in their morning huddle.

The event was streamed to Workplace Live (WPL) an internal social media network which can be used as a live streaming platform to reach remote colleagues, colleagues who could not travel to an event location and branch staff.

The team utilised Zoom technology to link up the 17 locations, including in Ireland and India, and to stream to WPL. This was the first time this had been done by RBS and the first time on this scale by the AV provider.

By stretching the internal venue options, engaging with new technologies, and by making the event available on WPL they were able to reach around 1,000 PB colleagues across the live event locations, approx. 3,500 across the WPL stream with a further 2,400 views of the post event WPL stream.

The team designed the agenda to ensure the event felt interactive and inclusive for the whole audience, despite the numerous locations. Speakers were located in multiple key venues so that sessions were delivered from around the country and they went to almost all locations over the course of the event for comment, feedback and at the Q&A.

The hosts presenting from each location were positioned within their audience, rather than facing them, which gave the event a live TV feel – rather than delegates feeling they were just watching a download from leadership.

The Results
This was the first time Royal Bank of Scotland had attempted to execute a leadership event in this way and the first time that they had used Zoom. Given the late and significant changes to the event format, the odds were stacked against them in terms of producing a successful event that really met the brief.  

They pulled off what seemed like the ‘impossible’ by thinking outside the box regarding venue possibilities, by taking a calculated risk on trying out a new technology on a large scale, and by designing the event to ensure that this felt like an engaging and impactful experience for all.

Royal Bank of Scotland had nearly 200 responses to the feedback survey from the live event, and feedback results were very strong. 95% strongly agreed they were clear on the Personal Banking big 5 for 2019 and 88% strongly agreed they were clear on how they can help achieve the Personal Banking big 5 in their role this year.

Rather than launching the ‘Big 5’ to just the most senior leaders as normal and waiting for the message to cascade, Royal Bank of Scotland have successfully reached nearly 7,000 colleagues first-hand and in a way that has been proved through the delegate feedback to have been in an engaging and impactful way. 

Judges Comments
The winner showed clear objectives for the event and proved they strategically and operationally ran it differently than previously. The specific logistical challenges faced included a short lead time, a change in brief and a dispersed audience, which were overcome by creative thinking of the use of internal spaces, using the internal social media network and working with preferred partners. Linking 17 venues with leadership hosts at each and delivering content in an engaging way, as well as using streaming technology was an innovative approach which had not been undertaken on this scale before. The excellent results were clearly measured by the total audience reach physically on the day and online as well as the post event survey and feedback.

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