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06.08.2019 22:50

RGM Fest : an annual opportunity to get all restaurant leaders, relevant head office employees and other key stakeholders together in one place, to celebrate results and to motivate for the year ahead.

Best Motivational Event

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LOCATION: Birmingham ICC


This is the most important event in the KFC UKI calendar, however due to a challenging previous year as a result of a distribution crisis, there was even more importance placed on this event. It was therefore imperative the messages and tone were exactly right.  

The Objectives
The key objectives set for KFC UKI were to reward and recognise; rebuild brand trust with transparency and credibility; inspire and motivate delegates with the new 2019 brand strategy and to create a ‘Love Army’ - a community of employees who feel so good about KFC they make guests feel good too.

In addition to these objectives, they wanted to make the event fun, interactive and engaging for a very diverse audience, bring the new brand world and values to life, rebuild trust and credibility with the delegates and to share stories of employees to create a sense of community and to inspire hearts and minds. 

The Considerations
As well as the huge challenges of meeting all the objectives, KFC had to take into account CSR considerations - minimal food waste, minimal and recyclable packaging as well as using digital assets where possible.

The Challenges
KFC needed to introduce the new brand world to delegates but had to work with very limited guidelines regarding how to interpret the new brand identity They also needed to elevate the event from the previous year to ensure it felt fresh, bigger and better for their delegates whilst motivating and inspiring delegates after a tough year.  

The Event
The event team decided to increase their production by recreating a KFC restaurant front counter with menu boards in the brand session which gave the delegates the opportunity to see everything from a customer perspective. 

There was a festival theme for the event with a festival line up featuring multiple acts, roaming presenters and wandering entertainers. There was also a fun element to the event with KFC swag/giveaways, balloon drop, a live digital quiz and delegates were encouraged to ring bells if they liked an idea. 

There was also a wrap around evening stage, which was modelled on Glastonbury Truth stage, to wow their delegates. They created an interactive mosaic photo wall which revealed key conference messages throughout the evening.  

Delegates were welcomed with personal welcome messages through a QR code, received a festival pass and contributed to a mosaic photo all which later revealed one of the key conference messages ‘care hard’.

The event was opened with a very honest presentation from the CEO highlighting ‘the crisis’ which was deliberately different from the usual format followed by interactive breakout and Q&A sessions. 

The event carried on into the evening and delegates were led into dinner by Dhol drummers. Delegates were able to set off party cannons on their table throughout the evening which created lots of energy. The stage continually featured videos of delegates, entertainment and hosts. After the awards, there were games, glitter artists and a VIP cocktail area which really brought the festival theme to life. 

In terms of motivating, the team used real life manager examples and stories through presentations and videos. There was recognition in every presentation with a live digital recognition wall in the evening. The awards became more focused on behaviour rather than results.

The Results
The CEO received congratulatory messages from franchisees commenting on how it was the best conference yet, in particular, the messaging surrounding the crisis.  

80% of the survey respondents rated the conference very good or excellent whilst the awards, evening party and interactive sessions were the biggest drivers of this. 

73% of the respondents could articulate key messages around ‘care hard’.

KFC launched #FastFriday and this engagement saw a huge success with a 891%(!) engagement increase on their internal social network.

This was clear evidence that they have been able to inspire delegates around the brand strategy, in particular, their part to play. 

RGM Fest was a turning point for KFC in terms of rebuilding trust and transparency which allowed them to firmly put the crisis behind them. Any crisis related negative sentiment towards the brand has now disappeared within their social network.

The Judge’s Comments
In pure motivational terms, the pressure was on to address some stakeholder concerns.

The event did so straight-up, demonstrating a multifaceted, highly motivational and truly engaging programme. Feedback proved that the tactical and strategic goals of regaining trust were exceeded. 

The judges noted an innovative approach to presentations, and a tangibly fun and informal vibe, topped by a dazzling social programme, characterised the proceedings. Unanimously, if unscientifically, the judges agreed that this was the motivational event they would most like to attend and it came out a clear winner.

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