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20.03.2017 10:54

As you think about your entries for this year’s ICEAWARDS, take time to reflect on some of the successes from last year. Read on for the case study of the Best Use of Technology won by BP in 2016 for their fabulous launch of the BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology fuels…

This is a brilliant example of technology being used to tell a story rather than the use of technology being the story. Innovative technology together with live driving experiences formed a three phase approach that brought to life the problem, solution and benefit of new BP Ultimate fuels.

Our judge Adam Pike, Head of Events at Saville Audio Visual, highlighted the use of ‘cutting edge technology to deliver a message that met all the expectations of the event and was immersive for delegates.’

The Winning Idea 

An immersive, multi-sensory, interactive experience kicked off in a science museum environment perfectly suited to showcase the scientific research and development that BP has pioneered in developing its technologically advanced fuels.  This was combined with other high-tech encounters such as a 4D, 360-degree cinema with vibrating seats, virtual reality driving competitions complete with motion platforms, and even included takeaways such as Go-Pro videos of delegates’ fast-paced laps and off-road excursions.

The Brief

BP wanted to tell the story of its new BP Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology through an experiential event. The event needed to launch the latest range of dirt-busting fuel to a mixed audience of international press, dealers, industry partners, business customers and employees from across six European markets. The brief was complex and multi-faceted. With an objective to increase brand and product awareness, the team had to educate a diverse audience around the damage that dirt can cause in engines, BP’s technological innovation and the benefit of using BP Ultimate fuels. In addition the event had to drive media coverage and social media activity to share the fuel story globally as #OurFuelStory.

The Event 

The event took place over five days to enable the participating countries to tailor the experience and translate materials into the relevant languages while leveraging the efficiencies of a single build. Berlin was chosen as the destination with the event taking place at the ADAC Driving Centre. Germany is the largest European market for BP and Berlin also offered a central location for the other participating markets: the UK, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Bob Dudley, BP’s CEO, opened the launch event, the most significant launch for BP in ten years.

Together with the help of their agency, the team built out a series of interactive installations to re-create the atmosphere of a science museum in which they could demonstrate the problems caused by dirt in the engine. Guests were then led to a second zone where the solution provided by BP fuels was brought to life through a fully animated tunnel and 4D movie shown in a 360-degree cinema experience that showed ACTIVE technology at work inside an engine.

Both physical and virtual destination-themed driving experiences allowed guests to experience the benefit of the new fuels innovation. Using the latest cutting-edge virtual reality technology combined with motion platforms visitors competed against one another as they drove the scenic Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the highest paved mountain pass in Austria.  In addition guests were invited to take part in live driving experiences including fast-paced laps with a professional race team and a 4x4 off-road self-drive through a wooded area.

The Results

Participation rates were higher than anticipated with more than 650 exclusively invited guests travelling from 15 countries over the five days. Press coverage was strong including national and trade publications as well as gaining traction through social media. Video were created to provide content for platforms such as YouTube and a Twitter campaign encouraged participation with the offer of a virtual reality cardboard set to those contributing about their driving adventures. Internal engagement was strong with the launch deemed to be the most successful use of Yammer within BP as executives posted photos and messages from the event. Fuel sales data is confidential, but indicators showed a positive response to the launch.

Key Learning 

It is easy to get carried away with seeking out opportunities to incorporate the increasing array of new digital tools and technology solutions, but it is important that innovation exists to serve your event objectives rather than the other way around. The BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology launch cleverly incorporated live track and off-road driving together with virtual reality to create a more compelling story. Technology was not a substitute for the real driving experience, it was used to enhance education, provide new thrills and ensure guests left with strong reminders of their experience.

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