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20.03.2018 10:55

Joe and Caspar have 19 million fans between them across their YouTube platforms, so this event needed to connect with those fans and highlight the DVD & EST launch of their new show Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA. The event was prompted when filming for the second Joe & Caspar Special (commissioned by BBC Worldwide) concluded.

best use of technology
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Objectives This event needed to give the Joe & Caspar global fans something, which was truly unique, creating a buzz prior to the 2nd DVD & EST release in November 2016. There were 3 definitive things that needed to be highlighted with this event; it needed to create something exciting and exclusive for fans across the world and not just the UK. It had to be the launch platform for the release of Joe & Caspar tour tickets in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and it also needed to support the opportunity for their team to break their own existing pre-sales record for the most ordered in 24 hours on Amazon.

The Event The BBCW events team were tasked with producing an energetic and engaging 90-minute live stream ‘wrap party’, live from the YouTube Studios in LA to be hosted on the BBC Worldwide YouTube Channel.

Response Working with a limited budget on a tight schedule of 4 weeks from brief to completion, the team needed to source & hire a local production team & logistics help them execute the event, working closely with the internal events at YouTube & linking up their technology team simultaneously with the BBCW YouTube team back in London so that it went live at the designated time.
In order to create excitement around the event, the team arranged for Joe & Caspar to arrive in a convertible outside. They also hired in extras to add a celebratory air with two LA Lakers Cheerleaders to teach the boy’s a cheer, and a Gospel Choir to sing a bespoke theme tune for the event, which the audience were taught.

BBCW Events also appointed Kayne Tremills as the host, who engaged well with the audience incorporating a Q & A from the studio floor & Twitter effortlessly, keeping the flow upbeat, fun and lively.

A live social media wall was displayed with fan content from Twitter & Facebook and Instagram, connect live fans and they also used 15 minute bursts of exclusive content from Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Niomi Smart which was filmed by the crew shortly before the event. Joe & Caspar revealed the new tour dates during the event and ticket sales went live whilst on air.

Challenges Engaging an international audience across different time zones naturally presented challenges as the large fan bases were in the UK, US and Australia so this needed to be taken into consideration when planning for the event.

The team also had bolster audience numbers, which were low Lack of audience due to the time and average age of the guests needing a chaperone. IN order to achieve this, they worked with YT to get extra people on site, and encouraged YouTube staff to attend.

There was also a glitch with the YouTube launch, meaning that the event went live 7 minutes late which was a very difficult time for the team, however the response from fans wasn’t negative, they were just excited to see the talent live. The strong social media buzz held the audience in a state of anticipation!

The Outcome The BBCW Events team successfully produced and delivered a professional live stream, which was a first for them. The stream has now had 225,122 views on YouTube and as a direct result of the event, 9,046 transactions were made against a Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA product, during the live stream, compared to 8,565 in the previous year.

They also achieved 9.1m views of the bespoke snapchat geo-filter created for the event and the Instagram activity had a reach of 2.7m. The hashtag #HitTheRoadUSA also generate a potential reach on Twitter of 15.4m (vs #HitTheRoad in 2015 having had 9.7m at the same time). Lastly, despite it being ‘Prime Day’ on Amazon, the DVD was the #1 top selling DVD on Amazon and the day of the live stream was the biggest single day for watch time in the 8-year history of the BBCW YT channel!

The Judges Comments This particular entry could have been described as ‘part of their day job’ in that technology plays a big part in the delivery of their products. However, in this instance there were particular challenges both geographically and with inter-team communication that made for a potential disaster.

This team’s entry was clear and concise in its objectives and deliverables and also highlighted the major hurdles to be cleared. Having clarified this, the entry went on to illustrate how they went about clearing the hurdles and explaining the tactics they used to do so. Much of the logistical elements called for clear pre-planning, sourcing and timing.

Working under a very tight timeline the team pulled together a diverse range of events, performances, interviews and stunts to create an energetic story, which could work across the globe and the subsequent time zone differences.

So with all of those prerequisites the team created an online broadcasting strategy with simultaneous production and hosting in Los Angeles and London plus exclusive viewing opportunities for selected audiences. This entry is a prime example of making technology work the brief.


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