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19.03.2018 16:00

Back in 1990, ITV Studios secured an exhibition space inside the Palais des Festivals but after substantial business growth, stand capacity at events became a real issue them. ITV set themselves the ambitious challenge of creating a brand new event space to promote their presence at the world’s biggest TV content event, MIPCOM in Cannes.

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itv studios house at mipcom

The Winning Idea ITV Studios worked to put themselves firmly on the map and single-handedly elevated the brand, changing the way the global TV industry perceived them. In order to achieve this, they reinvented their presence at MIPCOM with an original structure made from 10 shipping containers.

The Event The project had to meet a clear set of objectives; It needed to increase capacity to support growing business as well as create a flexible and original event space. The structure also needed to boast longevity as well as raising brand reputation and awareness, leading to increased sales and revenue.

The finished design encompassed a 2 level structure and multi-purpose space made from shipping containers with a bespoke design and interior fit out. There were 26 individual meeting pods, 6 private meeting rooms including a cinema & press-room and a restaurant with wet weather protection. The team also used lightweight, stackable furniture that could be easily adaptable to various spaces.

Considerations ITV spoke extensively to their customers and internal colleagues in order to obtain an exact idea of what would work best. The market research confirmed that customers wanted a welcoming, friendly, light, airy space with an outdoor area that would essentially serve as a sanctuary for customers to escape from the busy market. There was also a need for dedicated areas for each of the Sales Executives so that they could meet their clients and screen content in comfort.

Challenges The event presented a few logistical challenges including adherence to both French and UK building regulations. The category the French authorities gave the structure meant any bespoke items had to be built in M0 materials only and each design change required sign off by the French structural engineer.

In the period between the project being greenlit and delivering, Brexit also happened which put an incredible amount of pressure on budgets with exchange rates working against the team. In addition to this, France closes down for most of August, which was their peak build time on the project, this reduced the installation window significantly.

Understanding the space and scale of the build also presented challenges when working off abstract plans so in order to mitigate this they did a space mapping exercise in the warehouse in Woolwich, using sample furniture to allow them to get a true understanding of the space.

The main purpose of the structure was to showcase ITV products which meant that the tech and AV had to be the highest spec available, to cope with the demands. To overcome this challenge, ITV created a purpose built app to run the content and they ran a ‘stress test’ day in the UK a month before, where they attempted to overwhelm the system and hardware to ensure it could meet the demands of an intense 4 day content market (it did).

The language barrier between France and the UK also presented numerous challenges, however ITV were fortunate enough to have a fluent French speaker on the team. Lastly, striving to be sustainable also presented challenges as the team knew that rain water would prove problematic with their flat roof structure, so to overcome this they created a bespoke drainage solution meaning that any rain water would filter down the chain system and water the plants at the entrance.

The Results The new structure increased the meeting pod capacity by 44% and also increased the meeting room capacity by 200% (from 2 rooms to 6 rooms). The space also allowed for a 64% increased restaurant capacity (from 17 tables - 28). Overall, the standing event capacity was increased by 165% (from 130 people - 350 people). Probably one of the most significant achievements was the increased branding opportunities created by the new stand – this rose from 32 pieces of artwork to 250, boasting a 681% increase.

Despite being the first time the team had built the structure at this event, they also delivered an ambitious 4 events in 24 hours (two parties, a press breakfast and a client lunch with talent). They chose to do this on the first and busiest day of the exhibition, whilst running all of our core sales meetings and lunch service, demonstrating the new space could be easily changed around and showcase a number of different layouts, proving it’s flexibility and the consideration that had been given to flexibility in the design process.

Overall, ITV’s presence at MIPCOM generated a 46% increase on sales meetings and a 90% increase in brand perception. Client attendance to the ITV events hosted at MIPCOM also increased by 40%.

The Judges Comments In the judges view the submission showed the following attributes

A commitment to innovation – changing the experience at MIPCOM for ITV through building a creative and different structure.

A focus on the strategic needs of ITV Studios - which governed the design and delivery of the environment.

An innovative mind-set - which provided a solution to brake through the norm and deliver creativity

A measurable project – there were clear measurement criteria, which enabled ITV to gauge the success of the event and to build a strong case for continued investment

A real united collaboration between all parties involved, which led to delivering a creative & bespoke solution


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