Accenture and Karmarama: use blockchain to 'tell a progressive story' about your brand

07.06.2018 09:59

Event professionals and Marketers should not be hung up on finding their own uses for blockchain - and instead should look at how they can tell consumers about how the technology is being used by other parts of the business, Karmarama's innovation partner Lawrence Weber said.

"Is blockchain something that marketing is going to create its own value from, or where they need to find out what other parts of the business are doing and tell a story?" he asked.

The question marketers should ask, Weber said, is "can you take the sense of trust and transparency which are values brands believe they have and want to communicate, and can you use that to tell a progressive story about your brand?"

In some cases, he added, it could go further than this: some brands will be able to use blockchain to provide extra verification about their supply chain, which would allow them to employ labels similar to Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified.

For others, he said, the technology could allow them to broker trust for other brands, or to create brand new products: "can you create a service using blockchain that couldn’t have existed before?"

Weber was speaking this morning alongside Hugo Pinto, managing director UK and Ireland of AccentureDigital, at Campaign’s Breakfast Briefing, Blockchain: Myth Versus Reality.

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