10 Awesome Presentations for Event Professionals

27.10.2017 12:11
By Julius Solaris - Editor EventMB

Here is a roundup of 10 inspiring SlideShare presentations every event professional should read.

Slides (at least good ones) are extremely powerful media, thanks to the synergy of words and images. Such synergy is often times hard to achieve with blog posts. Event professionals who want to be up to date with the latest and greatest need to have a look at SlideShare as one of the most incredible sources of technical information. Especially if you are a corporate event manager, you will find these presentations extremely valuable.

Especially if you are a corporate event manager, you will find these presentations extremely valuable. While some are older, they contain valuable information.
presentations for event planners

There is a growing community of event professionals using Slideshare to share invaluable advice about planning, promoting and improving events.
I like to think I’ve been one of the first among them when I published my Event Management Template back in 2007.
25 presentations and 330,000 views later, I wanted to give you a more comprehensive overview of all the goodness going on within SlideShare. I hope more eventprofs will upload great content and that you, dear reader, will pay more attention to this valuable community.
Enough said, let’s have a look at 10+ great SlideShare presentations for the event and meeting industry.

10. How To Supercharge Your Event
This is presentation is by Hugh MacLeod aka Gapingvoid. MacLeod is the most popular artist drawing cartoons about the Internet and Social Media. I actually missed this great presentation, powerfully illustrated by his cartoons.

9. Inspiring Quotes for Event Planners

SpeakerHub created a fun slide deck if you love quotes. Even if you don’t, you’re bound to find some inspiration here.

8. How to write a good RFP for your Event Mobile App
Lovely presentation by fellow Italian #eventprof, Stefania Conti-Vecchi aka Eventagist. She put together many tips on how to write an effective RFP for your event mobile app and even though it’s from a presentation at IMEX America 2012, it’s still very worthwhile.

7. Fundraising events and social media, how to #win
Jonathan Waddingham of JustGiving, the most popular fundraising platform out there, created these terrific slides. There is a lot of product pitch in this presentation (quite obviously so) but also very effective tips on using social media to promote your fundraising event.

6. How Hotels can use Social Media to attract Event Planners
The purpose of this presentation was to get hoteliers to speak our language. Themes like customer service, location-based marketing, and video are increasingly important in the hotelier/event planner interaction. This presentation is a handy guide.

5. Using Events As Content Marketing
If you plan events and don’t know who Jeff Hurt is, well, you need to do some research. He usually writes for meeting planners and association planners. I like to think he writes for everyone who loves events.

4. 21 ways to boost your event
Very cool presentation by Cyriel Kortleven. He is a top master of ceremony. The emphasis here is on boosting the engagement of your audience. Cyriel shares practical tips that everyone can use to improve the audience experience.

3. Content Marketing for Events
An interesting perspective from Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute. By looking at his own case study, he shares effective tactics to drive more ticket sales.

2. Effective Social Media For Event Exhibitors
There is a growing problem with tradeshow exhibitors and social media, too much shouting. A few times I’ve experienced hashtag hijacking by clueless exhibitors who land the tradeshow floor wanting to ‘make some noise’. This presentation is very helpful to cure all of the above.

1. 10 Event Trends for 2017
Despite the shameless self-promotion stunt, I could not avoid listing 10 Event Trends for 2017. First, because it got more than 13,000 views and secondly because I am very proud of it. If you missed it earlier, here it is.

In Conclusion
SlideShare is a wealth of information on all sorts of topics. If you haven’t visited recently, take a look. It’s also a great place to share your own content. Repurpose a blog post in visual format and watch your shares soar.

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