A French startup made a wine gadget that’s supposed to decant for hours in an instant

10.01.2018 01:56

Apologies for non relevant content here but when technology meets alcohol it's got to be worth a look/read.

There are a bunch of different spouts you can buy that aerate wine as you pour it. But a new one, called the Aveine Aerator, lets you dial in exactly how much you want to aerate your wine, letting you give a glass the equivalent of between one and 24 hours of decanting just by pouring it. A connected app is supposed to help you figure out exactly how long is ideal for any given wine.

The aerator fits over the spout of a wine bottle and pushes air through the wine as it travels out of the spout. Aveine says that by controlling how much air is passing through and how much air actually touches the surface of the wine, it’s able to control the chemical reaction that normally happens much more slowly through decanting.


I can’t say whether Aveine actually offers a precise re-creation of the decanting process, but it absolutely does make a difference. I compared a glass of red wine poured through the aerator against one poured without it, and while I want to stress that I’m not a wine expert — and that the wine, which was offered for free at a convention center, was not very good — it was clear that the aerated wine had a much smoother taste and lacked a lot of the non-aerated wine’s harsh edges.

The Aerator is the first product from Aveine, a French startup that’s been at work for a little over a year and has grown in size to 14 employees. Its CEO, Nicolas Naigeon, has a bit of a wine background: his parents are winemakers with Domaine Meuneveaux in Burgundy, France. Aveine is his first venture into wine on his own.

Aveine’s Aerator is supposed to go up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo this March and begin shipping in June. It’ll sell for around $100.

Watch the demo here

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