exterminate corporate event planners?

02.05.2017 09:51

As we all know Daleks are the scariest robots this side of Skaro*  But are there scarier things to come? With AI and robotics running amuck amongst us, are events going to benefit? And what about our jobs? Clemi Hardy reports back from the battlefront at CES Las Vegas. 

In January this year we saw loads of products incorporating AI at the Las Vegas tech show CES. Google’s Alexa seemed to be the AI of choice, partly because it can easily be embedded into other tech. Alexa was talking back to us from cars, fridges, lamps and baby monitors. CES is a great time to preview tech products that are going to be important in the months to come, so this was a huge indicator of the growing importance of AI.

I think the rise of AI will start to fuel the resurgence of robotic technology. After all, Artificial Intelligence needs a body to live in. Robot technology is evolving quickly. Over the next 12 months we are likely to see plenty of innovation and growth in this area. But robots will need to get a lot more functional and affordable before they become part of an everyday event tech package. Artificial intelligence will need to mesh seamlessly with great functionality and reliability. Nobody’s really managed to combine all of those elements – yet. In Japan a robot staffed hotel called Henn-Na boasts a workforce of 90% robotics, but they had some serious teething problems just after they launched, which indicates that we still have a way to go.

With robots and artificial-intelligence enabled devices becoming increasingly popular and mainstream, we will likely see a similar rush for the law to catch up as we did with social media. Governments will struggle to stay ahead of rapid advances in connected technologies and all of the data breaches and privacy issues that can raise. Governments are also likely to come under increasing pressure to safeguard jobs against the coming ‘rise of the robot’.

In my opinion, collaborative AI is likely to be the next frontier. It won’t be good enough for an AI device to operate in isolation, all of our tech devices will need to talk to each other and our artificial companions could be great hubs from which we can co-ordinate all of them. Our Amazon Echo or our Smartphone could become the hub device from which we talk to our fridge, our heating systems, our baby monitors, our cars and all of our other connected devices.

And at work connecting us to each other, planning our day and even attending meetings for us. This is the so-called ‘internet of things’ that has been predicted for years. As more of our ‘things’ begin to connect to the internet, AI will step into the role of ‘office manager’ for all of our different devices...Still a bit scary? Tell us what you think here.

Clemi Hardie founded event tech company Noodle Live in January 2013. Offering event technology solutions and consultancy and using what they believe to be the best tools for the job, Clemi spends a lot of time researching the latest tech trends and innovations, looking for new solutions that will make life easier for #EventProfs and their delegates.

*The Daleks' planet


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