Event tech in 2018

17.05.2018 09:15
I know it's overwhelming! Everyday technology is hard enough to keep up with let alone trying work out how to adopt event tech from the gazillions of new stuff being launched every day. So here are seven simplified predictions from GEVME on what will work for you this year.

  1. With the help of AI technologies, event planners will be able to process larger amounts of event data and benefit from smart chatbots and indoor navigation in 2018.
  2. Online ticketing and event applications will be the primary targets for cyberattacks, as concluded by Carbin Balls & Co.
  3. The wide use of “Wi-Fi on the Fly” will allow establishing Wi-Fi networks at venues without connectivity in a few clicks.
  4. The impact of VR and AR will get stronger increasing the popularity of virtual events, venues, and presentations.
  5. Taking a selfie at the event will mean having the possibility to share it on any social media platform through advanced photo-sharing technologies.
  6. With wireless charging, facial recognition apps, and better display possibilities, 2018 will amp up mobile use at events.
  7. The mobile sets for live streaming will be improved in 2018 because 63% of event marketers are going to invest more into live streaming.

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