20.03.2017 09:58

Cutting-edge facial recognition

Have you noticed when coming through passport control that the queue for biometric identification is longer that the traditional passport system. I spent some time watching at Bristol airport the other day and concluded that it wasn't the technology but the user experience that was causing the hold ups.

Pretty similar to the delays at self checkout at your supermarket about a year ago. But now we can see that there is less and less need for staff help at the self checkout as shoppers (including me ) get the hang of it. And I'm sure this will be the case at passport control.

So when I received an introduction from a facial recognition software provider for event registration I thought yeh give it a year, you're way ahead of the curve.
That was untill I watched the online demo!

After the demo I have to say this technology could be brilliant. In fact we at ICETEAM were so impressed we're going to trial it at the ICEAWARDS night at the Saatchi Gallery on July 6th. So if you want to see facial recognition event registration in action all you need to do is enter the awards and reach the finals. To help you reach those finals there are 3 entry workshops being held in May in Glasgow, Birmingham and London. To register for a workshop click here

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