Imagine delivering your delegates direct to your event in an UBERAIR flying car!

10.05.2018 13:57
Flying cars may be a lot closer than you think. This week, the ride share company Uber announced its plans to bring flying cars to Los Angeles and Dallas by 2020 and said it will launch an airborne service called UberAir in 2023. But while there’s a lot of talk about the company’s experimental flying cars themselves, questions remain about how people will actually experience them. For example, where will you be able to grab a flying taxi?

At the second annual Uber Elevate conference in Los Angeles today, the company unveiled six radical designs from six different architecture firms for its “Skyports,” which is what it calls the on-the-ground infrastructure where people will be able to hail an UberAir. While the resulting concepts look right out of a science fiction movie, the company says it actually chose these six from dozens of submissions because of their feasibility and realism. Some were inspired by beehives; others are designed to sit right on top of existing highways and have a small footprint. Most of them can accommodate about 1,000 takeoffs and landings per hour.

See the slide show

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