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20.09.2018 15:25
Here's an interactive team building game which promises to being fun, engaging & competitive.

An Innovative Team Building Solution

There was a time when many organisations would turn to paint-balling or go-karting when the subject of team building appeared on the agenda. Now businesses are looking for team building activities that not only benefit the team but also have a business focus - whilst still being fun, engaging & competitive.

Team Building business games encourage a team to find effective ways of working together and build a great team spirit. Each team will face the challenge of managing a virtual business and the have to compete in the very same market as their peers. The winning team is the one that delivers business success, sustainability and the highest overall scorecard score. 

Fun, Fast Paced & Engaging

Participants will work through the key stages of building a high performing team whilst learning about developing and managing a successful business unit.

By using a dynamic business simulation game, participants understand why team work is important within an organisation, but it also helps them see how it also drives real business results when it’s working well.

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