The BeamPro 2 telepresence robot has wide-angle HD cameras and a 24-inch touchscreen So there!

10.01.2018 01:16

This reminds of the episode of The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon invents a skype robot to represent himself and save him from coming into contact with other humans (and their germs). This looks cool and could be fun at your events. Apologies for geeky language.

Suitable Technologies, maker of the Beam range of telepresence robots, has unveiled the BeamPro 2, its latest high-end device. Like all telepresence bots, the BeamPro 2’s main function is Skype on wheels: it lets employees call into their workplace remotely and trundle around it with the help of an app. It’s fun, if not always practical.

The Pro2 adds a number of improvements and refinements to the original BeamPro, including a 24-inch LCD touch display and two “super-wide” 12-megapixel HD cameras with 12x digital zoom. It also comes with 3D depth sensors (optional on the original BeamPro), ambient light sensors (to automatically adjust screen brightness), and a trio of speakers that Suitable Technologies claims can reproduce “lifelike sound.” The central display can be raised and lowered, with a 10-inch reach.

There’s also one particularly handy optional extra on the Pro 2: obstacle detection sensors. These, combined with the six-wheeled robot’s ability to rotate in place, allow the Pro 2 to be maneuvered with a little more dexterity. The company says this makes it much better for telepresence in crowded spaces like “hospitals, specialty-care facilities, manufacturing floors, museums, and classrooms.” You still have to find someone to open doors for you, though.

All these features and the Pro 2’s slick look definitely make it stand out in the telepresence market. But there’s one big unanswered question with this product: the price. The original BeamPro cost a whopping $13,950 and needed a $400 annual subscription to work, meaning that most organizations that might benefit from some slick telepresence would be priced out.

The BeamPro 2 will likely remain a high-end device for evil-minded CEOs who want to surprise employees when they were thought to be “out-of-office.” Suitable Technologies says the Pro 2 will be available for purchase in summer 2018.

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