The New Event Technology Formula. Strategies, Tactics and Tools That Work

06.03.2018 11:55
A comprehensive guide to understand how event technology is used in events. Strategy, intelligence, free resources and ideas to make technology work for your event.

Much has been written about using technology to run better events. Everything should be easier right?

What you need is a resource that sets you up for success, fast!

This is why Event MB created this guide. To bring you the latest technology for events tips, ideas, trends and strategies to run successful events.

If you want a complete framework you can get a free PDF now, The Event Tech Bible – the most comprehensive overview on the subject. That is valuable and free!

In the Guide, which will be constantly updated, you will get:

  • Research: Event Technology Adoption Will Continue to Rise but Cost is a Barrier for Some
  • A quick 5 Step Event Technology Formula to quickly roll out successful event tech programs
  • 32 tips to get the event technology tools right
  • A fresh look at the new event technology to keep an eye on
  • The latest event technology trends to consider for your event
  • 15 tactics to use event technology to gain competitive advantage
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