Tractive announces its first GPS tracking collar for cats

10.01.2018 02:15

Just couldn't ignore this one because the pic is sooo cute. And I think this may be a cool device for the wayward spouse!

Tractive, a company that specializes in GPS trackers for pets, has announced two new products at CES: a new Tractive GPS dog tracker and Tractive GPS Cat, the company’s spinoff for felines.

The new Tractive GPS Dog tracker has a slew of new updates beyond the initial changes in design and form factor. It now has quick-switch removable batteries so the collar can always stay on, and has integrated activity tracking — something that used to be an entirely separate product called Tractive Motion. Tractive Motion had a dedicated app for the older collar, which told owners information about how active the pet was (broken down into categories of “lazy,” “active,” and “dynamic”). The tracker can be easily clipped to a dog’s collar, and detached by pressing a button

The Tractive GPS Cat tracker and collar is a first for the company. It’s lightweight, clocking in at just 32 grams. Size-wise, it looks to be reasonable for a cat to wear, especially given that it’s on a teensy kitten in the photo above. It’s breakaway, which is a common feature in cat collars, so the collar can fall off if it gets stuck on something like a branch while a cat is outside. However, there is some debate on if non-breakaway collars are actually dangerous for cats, and it seems a bit counterintuitive to have GPS on something that can release from your pet. (My cat has figured out how to remove all breakaway collars and many of my friends have also expressed exasperation over keeping these types of collars on their own cats.) If the collar does come off while your cat is roaming, there will be an app to help you find it. Better hope your cat doesn’t like climbing up trees!

The collars will be released within the next few months, beginning in Europe, though pricing is not yet announced. Tractive does say the cost will be similar to its other products, so expect to pay around $70 apiece.


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