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There’s an old joke about some confusion between zigzagging and zagzigging. Which is the correct way? Maybe there isn’t, maybe there is. Sometimes it’s more effective to try a different route or idea. But where to get those lightbulb ideas?

How about looking around alternative sectors to see what event professionals are doing with new technology? Here’s five ideas from Diesel, Universal Music Group, Easyjet, Sony PlaystaWon and Accessorize using some of the latest technologies. Originally published in
Event magazine

On 27 October, retail clothing company Diesel launched its flagship store with a 5D, multi-sensory experience. Following on from the brand's 'Fur Me, Fur You' campaign, the launch used CGI and 3D binaural sound design to create a world full of furry characters. In a VR world, guests could ride on the back of furry friends and fly through clouds, furry trees and cornfields. The experience transported visitors from catwalks to ski slopes, engage them with all five senses. Guests sat down on subsonic transducer-driven furry monster seats, donned customised haptic feedback vests and were exposed to 
transducer-driven furry monster seats, donned customised haptic feedback vests and were exposed to windy weather and the scent of candy floss.

UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP (I was going to link to their music but I listened and decided not to!)
Music-based entertainment company Universal Music Group (UMG) staged a 3D, 360-degree live streamed music event on 26 October. In collaboration with Capitol, VR production company VRLIVE and rock band Avenged Sevenfold, UMG gave fans the opportunity to watch the show using its new VRTGO VR plahorm, which uses VR technology from VRLIVE. The VRTGO app is free to download. Guests attending the physical concert also had a taste of the VR experience, with Samsung Gear VR headsets transporting them to the stage so they could view the performance from the band's perspective. The event was shot using a Nokia OZO camera – the first purpose-built VR camera.

On 24 October, Easyjet and Unicef staged an activation to raise awareness of the effects of polio. The inflight entertainment featured a VR, 3D film which told the story of Job, the last child in Kenya to have been inflicted with the virus. The film, narrated by Ewan McGregor, is part of Easyjet and Unicef's 'Change for Good' campaign which aims to help those most at risk from the disease.

On 13 October, Sony unveiled a giant version of its VR headset at Kings Cross station in London. Having been designed by agency Curb, the installation gave London's commuters the opportunity to take a break and enjoy an interactive gaming experience. The build also featured an interactive photobooth, showing live gifs of commuters wearing the headset. The giant headset installation marked the launch of Sony Playstation VR, the latest addition to the PS4 family.

On 14 October, Accessorize used visual technology to give shoppers a more personalised retail experience. The Weshield London store used LED rods and panels to stream a mixture of dynamic and Instagram-friendly content. When entering the new store, shoppers were met with 316 vertically hanging LED rods which used and reflected colours and textures from the AW16 collecWons. In addition, visitors were able to choose the store's playlist and were encouraged to curate their own 'Trend Edits' by swiping content ‘cubes’ on a bespoke iPad app. Their styles were then published throughout the store, as a means of further personalising the shopping experience. 

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