ICEDAY, Communication (again) and some art

28.05.2019 12:49
I'm sorry to hark on about this but the word COMMUNICATION is being abused, neglected and deliberately misinterpreted. So more articles on the subject in this issue of ICEONLINE!

But first are you going to ICEDAY?
Because this summer we have an amazing collection of speakers and mentors covering what they believe needs to go into a successful and on-brief event.

Katherine McCartney, the former Producer of TED Talks tells how she went about helping to create what has become a global phenomena.

Event teams from RBS, ITV, AWE & Barclays will talk us through their award winning events covering disciplines such as Sponsorship, Logistics, Leadership and Technology.

And a bit left field for our corporate community, Lieutenant Colonel Sulle D Alhaji RAPTC | Army Youth Outreach Team will share his early life challenges and his journey to becoming a Mentor.

Back on home turf Stephen Rose*, Head of Communications Services, Siemens will outline how to deliver impactful Brand Events with Smart Internal Communications.

And concluding the afteroon 6 very experienced Corporate Event professionals will 'sit on the couch' recollecting stories from past events solving problems (or not).

So if you need more info and registration just click here.

Meanwhile take a read of our articles on how to be a better communicator and consider the advice that simply slowing down a bit helps you to be more succinct.

And, I thought it might be a good idea to slow down in an Art Gallery whilst you also regenerate your creativity.

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