Hello Welcome From the Editor

03.04.2018 17:40

Here at ICEHQ we had a chat and decided it would be useful to give you, our lovely readers, an overview of the content of every issue of ICEONLINE. So here’s some of the main stuff in this issue.


A couple of months ago just after the debacle at the Presidents’ Dinner in London we kept hearing from our friends and colleagues in the events industry about how they knew of similar behaviours either first hand or through associates. And for an Industry sector that is predominantly female we were disappointed and surprised. But we couldn’t decide if there was anything we could do or even if we were capable of doing it. So we hummed and hahed and thought we would put it out there to you guys to see if we were all on the same page.

In our last issue we ‘launched’ the principles of a Code of Conduct (#EventToo) and we are repeating the article in this issue. Give it a read and add your support.

Too much?

We dedicate a reasonable slice of each issue of ICEONLINE to the workplace and its challenges and opportunities. This issue is no exception with a greater percentage of stories focussing on harassment and discrimination. We wanted to consolidate the size of the challenge in front of the business community by gathering stories from a variety of sources.

We have also had a look at a piece of research from M&IT Magazine which collects the opinions of leading figures in the events industry but also struggles to offer a next step scenario. It’s a big responsibility!

I came across a story from the Architecture sector through DeZeen which profiles a movement to name and shame harassers. We’re not sure this is not open to abuse. And now I can’t find the story!! (What a muppet)


We have accumulated some in depth case studies of previous ICEAWARD winners. Great inspiration and guidance for your entry. Now pay attention here...ENTER NOW! Closing date extended to 15th May.

This issue includes more inspiring insights including our new My Story from Sharon Madden Head of Events at AECOM. Lots of event tech such as a GPS TRACKING COLLAR FOR CATS!

C’mon you’ve got to read that.

 Thank you

Yes, a big thank you to all our readers, award entrants, sponsors, partners, steering group, judges and our cat who I can’t find at the moment. Together we will ensure Corporate Event Professionals receive the recognition and rewards you deserve.