I just wanna have some fun

24.09.2018 15:54

And welcome to our next issue of ICEONLINE

Since our ICEDAY conference in the Summer (is it over already?), I've come across a massive drive to adopt play and fun in the workplace to enhance learning, team building and creativity. I've also come across initiatives emenating from rugby union which adopt the principles of play, discipline and guidance and evolve them into fresh new offerings

For example Boardroom Games, who demonstrated their games and ideas at ICEDAY, create interactive games which help participants build self confidence, develop creative thinking and bring people together to create more effective teamwork.

So I got in touch with professional rugby coach and cofounder Aiden McNulty to find out more about their ethos.

Twickenham, the HQ of the English Rugby Union and a fantastic stadium, is not the stuffy establishment you may think it would be. With its multi million pound refurbishment of the East Stand they have created a venue with obvious sport assosiations but added a cool environment to enhance the delegate experience...and only 20 minutes from the centre of London.

And then, again from the rugby community, the Saracens club have created their own high school with a vision to spark a flame of inspiration in each and every pupil, whatever their interest or ambition, and do all they can to support them to become the person they want to be. Inspiring!

And not a funny shaped ball in sight.

I'll be honest with you, I'm not a fan of computer games. But I am reliably informed by people who know stuff about this, including James from Event Tech Lab, that playing computer games for team building and business development is one of the most creative tools an organisation can adopt. Check out our Event Tech stories.

So, in short, this issue of ICEONLINE has a heavy focus on playing and how it can enhance just about everything!

Which is a message that Laura Jefferies, Marketing Manager Twickenham Experience, has taken on board as you'll discover in Her Story.

So enjoy your read and remember to just have some fun!

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