Same old same old?

05.02.2019 17:26
Sitting down to say hello again, I realise I'm not in a very good mood. Not feeling inspired. So I'm going to do it tomorrow. Catch you later.

And I'm back!

During our ICE chats about everything and everybody we continually come across the same Corporate Event challenges and messages. And, you know, there's a load of information and opinions around these topics...too much! Which is why at ICEONLINE we try to disseminate the good from the bad let alone the ugly.

But, in actual fact, most of the stuff we're sourcing is pretty good but it's also repetitive. So where do you go for some fresh inspiration, some new ideas and some useful guidance?

As you hopefully know I try to find stories from other market sectors that have ideas that can transfer across into In-House Corporate Events and there's another bunch of these in this issue. But I was still not getting any real inspiration. So, off I went hunting for inspiring stories that have absolutely nothing to do with our business and found some really good ones. Check out I want to be inspired!

And speaking of inspiration we're excited to launch our ICEDIRECTORY, an online Mood Board where you can source ideas for design, venues, production, catering and loads more. Here's the link. ICEDIRECTORY

So what inspires you to create your In-House Corporate Events? We want to know. We want you to be recognised and rewarded for your amazing efforts. So enter the ICEAWARDS!

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Cornwall so I'm off to the beach to gather further inspiration. Now I'm in a good mood! 

Apologies to you guys stuck behind your desks, but how about this? We're planning our ICEMANTRA website to help you get into the zone. Look out for more info.

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