Creative Enterprise Programme: inspiring case studies from NESTA

06.06.2018 10:54

Here at ICE HQ we have been inspired by the creativity adopted by these entrepeneurs with the help of NESTA. So we thought you guys might find some of their ideas and methods equaly stimulating.

For nearly ten years, Nesta has been working in partnership with the British Council to deliver the Creative Enterprise Programme (CEP).

Developed from the Creative Enterprise Toolkit, the programme’s core offer is a three-day workshop designed to support creative entrepreneurs in establishing and building resilient and sustainable businesses.

In late 2016, the programme underwent a major redesign to make it more compatible with wider regional and local creative economy agendas, generate longer term impact, and build a lasting legacy. 

We've since embarked on a global roll-out; between November 2016 and April 2018, CEP took place in 25 cities in 15 countries, in six languages, with more than 800 creative entrepreneurs.

Here are the stories of just some of the inspiring entrepreneurs who have participated in the programme 

Laith Abu-Taleb: WARAGAMI Amman, Jordan
Read more here

Mario Milakovic: Yugodom and Super Bake Belgrade, Serbia
Read more here

Svitlana Bovkun: Mini Maker Faire and Kyiv, Ukraine
Read more here

Roman Sirenko: HexWix Kharkiv, Ukraine
Read more here

Marina Grishai: WhiteMovie Production 
Kiev, Ukraine
Read more here 

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