Do Awards really matter?

Robert Dunsmore, Creative Director
27.01.2017 11:20

There are a lot of awards now for one simple reason – they matter – they really matter now, more than ever.

This doesn’t mean all awards are good – certainly not – but the right ones do and the right ones provide a snapshot that can drive an industry. The ICEAWARDS are the premier In-House Corporate Events awards and they exist for you – and about the growth and development of your organisations.

Keeping up with everything is the biggest challenge we all face and overwhelmingly confusing and turbulent to our business lives. Awards and accolades are a north star we all jump on to navigate and keep us developing in the right direction. There are very few industry institutions out there that are real collectives of creative minds.

So the ICEAWARDS night lik is a unique moment in time that an industry provides collective insight and documents it – rewards it – and foretells trends and patterns of the near future we can all join in with.

They present opportunities to create value irrespective of size, or volume, because it’s about ideas, innovation and the best processes available to an industry. Aside from “best practice”, Industry awards are a peer to peer marketing opportunity, just being there or better still being shortlisted can improve brand awareness and promote your organisation.

Entering any awards can often force you to look at your business from a different perspective and compare yourself to your peers. Be sure that you stand out from the competition and define yourselves before someone else does it for you.

Involvement secures you credibility within your industry - a short-listing or nomination is an endorsement for your business. A win can give a seal of approval to your activities and is a sign of quality for potential customers, so can form part of your organisation’s sales pitch and company DNA going forward.

Awards matter to people and none more than your team. Involvement in awards is an investment in them, an act of validation plus exposure to the best in the industry to learn from. It should help them distil what is great about what they do and inspire them to do it better. Awards are also the future – nominations and shortlistings validate your hiring stature among new recruits. By pitching yourself as the best you can attract the talent you need to advance your business. 

There are a lot of awards now for one simple reason – they matter – they really matter now, more than ever. Just get involved and make something happen, ICEAWARDS entries have now opened - take the short time to submit your entry. Or if you need a little guidance come along to one of our workshops. Click here for more info. 

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