Oh what a night again and again

14.07.2017 13:59
Once again we all had a fantastic night at the ICEAWARDS dinner and ceremony. This year at The Saatchi Gallery London

As Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is, in his opinion, the definition of insanity. Well here at the ICETEAM we certainly can't be accused of not trying different things to achieve different results! Insanity? Perhaps.

This year at the ICEAWARDS we took a bit of a risk and held our awards dinner and ceremony in two different rooms. It was an opportunity to strech ourselves and demonstrate to our audience how event profs can add vitality to their events.

And the outcomes? Well it was a bit like Marmite you either loved it or hated it. Some thought it added anticipation and excitement whilst others felt it was a bit disjointed.  

And the night was indeed exciting, with award winners coming from large international organisations to smaller organisations. Make sure you click on winners to see who won what and why.

I just want to repeat a couple of things I said in my knee knocking welcome at the awards.

"All of us in the room are amazing at rising to challenges and taking calculated risks in order to achieve the greatest results.

I always liken what we do to being onstage. The lights are dimmed. The music starts.. . . . and then that thing begins. That thing we are all addicted to. Getting it 100% right. And helping our delegates enjoy and learn and of course build their business and business networks.

After 30 years of working in events and working with many of you, it struck me how little time we have spent celebrating our amazing work. Well this is what the ice awards are all about .

Being recognised and awarded for doing something brilliant.  All the time. EVERY TIME!"

And it was gratifying to hear from one of our senior event profs that these words totally resonated with her team.

So onwards into the rest of the year and 2018. Some upcoming highlights include the first gathering of the ICETRIBE on the 20th September. Look out for invitations.

Interesting coincidence? 80% of this year's ICEAWARDS winners attended an ICE Entry Worksop. So we are planning more opportunities for you to hear from previous winners and judges on what makes a winning entry. Look out for details of the first workshop being held on the 5th of December.

Put these dates in your diary now!

Next year's Awards night will be preceded by a one day gathering at the Design Museum London. We are currently working on the format, but again look out for announcements and information.

Thank you all for your support and remember to spread the word.



See the photos here

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