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20.09.2018 14:59

Well I know I'll definately be going to the LVP BEYOND Conference to hear Holly Tucker, co founder of talking about how she simply sees herself as an imagineer – someone who believes in the impossible and the power of creativity. Holly will be at the LVP Beyond event discussing what beyond means to her.

Holly Tucker is best known as the co-founder of, but with many strings to her bow - mother, MBE, founder of Holly & Co and UK Ambassador to Small Creative Businesses, she is so much more. Believing in the power of creativity and a champion of small businesses, she is well-placed to discuss entrepreneurialism, e-commerce and innovation in retail. With a host of achievements under her belt, Holly has successfully made her name as one of the UK’s most-respected entrepreneurs. She has dedicated her career to providing a platform for small businesses allowing them to compete with the big guys.

Incredibly ambitious, she has not stopped at, moving onto her next venture, Holly & Co. After a decade of building the first business, she has proven she has the secret for serial success, by doing it all again with Holly & Co. The site is an all-compassing destination, a home, for artisans which aims to demystify business, connect like-minded creatives across the world and shine a light on small creative enterprises. In this role, Holly also acts as a mentor, offering ‘first aid for business,’ sharing her knowledge on a more personal basis and supporting individuals on their journey.

Entrepreneurial, successful and innovative, Holly bridges the gap between business and creativity, helping others to learn from her success. Sharing her story and business insights, she is a great keynote speaker for all kinds of retail, innovation or ecommerce events.

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