Your lack of sleep is ruining your productivity

12.06.2018 13:16


Fast Company has run thousands of articles on every aspect of productivity. But the one topic that comes up the most, and that really is at the root of a lot of other productivity issues like focus, decision making, and time management, is sleep. No one thinks they are getting enough, and everyone wants to offer advice on tips and tricks and routines around sleep.


Sleep basically impacts every aspect of our work lives. Not getting enough sleep can ruin your focus and concentration. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine At Harvard, if we get a bad night’s sleep, we’re going to pay for it with impairment in our judgment, mood, and ability to learn and retain information. We’re also more at risk of serious injuries and accidents.

So, what better place to start Fast Company‘s new podcast, “Secrets of the Most Productive People,” than getting to the root of the problem? In our pilot episode, I talk to my co-host and colleague Anisa Purbasari Horton about what’s ruining our sleep. For Anisa, it’s stress and an overactive mind (ongoing stress, by the way is main reason why so many Americans have chronic sleep disorders, according to the Center Of Disease Control and Prevention). Meanwhile, the reason I’m not clocking a full night’s sleep is my toddler who wakes up in the middle of the night, every single night, no matter what. (Surveys found that 71% of people say their partner keeps them up, and 35% say their young kids do, so at least I’m not alone.)

We talk about our sleep issues and seek expert advice from Gary Zammit, executive director of the Sleep Disorders Institute.


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