Leanne Cleary, Event Director at HSBC chooses some event music memories and thoughts.

04.12.2019 11:16

1. When did you start in Events and what was your favorite song/music at the time?

1995 and New York New York, signaling the end of another fun night at our uni Guild with my partner in crime Rhian.


2. What's the cheesiest piece of music you've used at your events?
Simply the Best and We are the Champions. Wrong! LISTEN HERE IF YOU MUST

3. Which piece of music has had the best impact on your events?
When I don’t insist on playing Wham, I chose Fantastic Day by Haircut 100 because I was praying it would be...and it was.

4. You've just nailed your event, you're celebrating and go to the jukebox. What do you select? Why? 
Wham. Because it’s fantastic!

5. You're invited on stage to receive a bunch of flowers and thanks. What do you walk on to?
Welcome to my World by Brendan Cleary


6. Sadly, you're leaving your current role. What is your farewell music?
It’s my Party